Jesus Led By Example

walking on walter

Jesus Walked On Water – Peter Followed


There is a great lesson on true leadership from the incident when Jesus walked on water. His disciples have been fishermen all their lives and they had never seen man walk on water. Jesus wanted to demonstrate a great level of leadership: leading by example; showing the way and empowering others to do same. There is a greater lesson we learn from Simon Peter. He was a follower who was keen to learn from the examples exhibited by the leader. Whilst everyone else in the boat was trembling, Simon Peter saw an opportunity to learn. He asked Jesus to give him the instruction.


When Jesus saw the desire in Peter, he didn’t hesitate to give Peter the instruction. He asked him to “come”. Matthew 14:29. Whilst walking on water a great miracle, inside this miracle was an even greater miracle. A lesson of leadership. Before Peter asked Jesus to command him to come to Jesus, Jesus gave a give lesson which is vital for leadership. In verse 27, Jesus said: “Take Courage. It is I. Don’t Be Afraid”. Courage is very vital for leadership and for one to follow a leader, he must take courage too. When Jesus said “It is I”, he was reminding his disciples that with God nothing is impossible, and that he was their leader and shepherd who would lead his followers astray. This was a great assurance. Greater leader inspire their followers, they motivate them and they want their followers to have faith in their leaders and also exhibit the same as they recruited leaders too.


“Don’t be afraid”: The disciples where afraid of the imaginary ghost, but definitely the statement of “don’t be afraid” goes beyond the fear of the ghost. It touched on the aspect of doing as the leader has demonstrated. With fear, you can do what others are doing. But with courage, and faith in the leader, you will desirous to follow and learn. Taking instructions is very vital. Jesus simply said “Come”. He didn’t explain anything. He didn’t tell Peter to keep his eyes on Jesus as this was part of the lesson. As long as you keep your eyes on the vision, on the visionary, you will not fail.


Great leaders come from great followers. I have mentioned this in my book titled Dare To Dream: The Road less-Travelled. Great leaders are great learners. When you see a leader doing something, learn from him. Do not be afraid of failing or making mistakes. The lessons lie in the mistakes themselves. Jesus was a great a leader, and he still is. Learning from him produces great leaders.


Notes to take home:

  1. Know Your leader (Matthew 14: 27)
  2. Have Courage to learn, to follow, to take instructions and to make mistakes. Vs 27
  3. Do not be afraid to fail, to learn and even to be successful. Vs 27
  4. Have faith in your leader Vs 28.
  5.  Do has instructed.  Vs 29